Massage therapy.

Whether using massage therapy to heal an injury, peak for a key event, or maintain health, my detailed, structural & goal oriented massage style is particularly effective. I utilize myofascial release, trigger point therapy, deep tissue & sports massage to treat overuse & injury, to aid in recovery & to help bodies regain & maintain postural alignments.

My style feels different than a typical massage, often invoking the question of what exactly it is that I'm doing. Most often I answer that I work slowly & specifically, continually evaluating as I treat, with an aim that is not necessarily depth, although we may work exceptionally deep, but with an emphasis on targeting work where it's needed. I work slowly, with the nervous system, for lasting change.

I love problems & specialize in treating even the most difficult of injuries using a combination of modalities. 

myofascial release

Myofascial massage releases adhesions in connective tissues that may have developed from injury, trauma & long term postural or movement imbalances. The relief from this work can significantly help restore freedom of movement.

trigger point therapy

Trigger points form in muscle & tendon tissue due to repetitive stress, weakness & postural imbalances. These knots or taut bands often radiate to other areas, creating vague yet intense aches & pain. Releasing them with static pressure can greatly alleviate pain & restore proper function. 

deep tissue

From my vantage point, deep tissue can mean whatever the user wants it to. So in general terms, I'd have to say that deep tissue work is the cornerstone of what I do; I use a combination of myofascial release & trigger point therapy to work with purpose & specificity.

sports massage

Sports massage is another relatively non-specific term, but you can think about the emphasis being to get blood flowing in preparation for movement, or to speed recovery immediately following intense effort. During these times, the goal is to get you loose & ready to perform rather than to make big structural changes in which your body may need some time to adapt.

pre & perinatal massage

Using the modalities above to work on the issues facing any body, we can also assist your body as it prepares for pregnancy & childbirth. Postpartum, we can address the changes to your laboring body & help tissues recover as you delve into the new demands of parenthood. 

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